A present.

A present for my youngest sister
Self a boring youth controlled
Quite many fight against physical discomforts defeated..
Now that ridden with a daughter, moved on a partings kiss
Fulfills her life with many life joy

A small person that got many family
Many living rooms filled with her laugh
Her lip in a frolicsome form curled
And nothing concealed from her childish thought .
Of everything foresee for an amusing, future youth..

Sudden a radical turn in her life
Physical she must do many power without
The stolen symptoms are no longer to ignore
What can the science give for this yet

On the late evenings the crushing report
Linda is for always gone
We are all commit with her fate
What remain in our thoughts is always her cheerful face.

Linda, we will you never forget.



 This poem is written short after Linda's pass away by Roy and sent
to us. On the recollections service, he has resd aloud this poem.

 Linda's stay time in Vries