Linda's stay times at Vries

 For no reason I take a grasp out of the personal stay parties, of which Bert and I and so many others
 have had so much joy.

 We have walked with her in Vries and in the woods of the environs, there is almost no way in the
 village where Linda's footsteps not have walked. Playing with the children from the neighbourhood as if  she was one of them. When she was not here, the children in the neighbourhood were asking when  Linda was coming again.
 Miles we have cicled with her, put her on big rocks, eating rolls in the open air, drinking her favorite  chocolate milk and of course during the sightseeing trips surprised her with french frites and little  pancakes.

 For hours she has amused herself, blowing bubbles, picking daisies, irrigate the flowes. When Remco  and Jasper were also here sleeping, she was happy surprised to see more people at the breakfast  table than when she was gone to bed. Staying together with Suzanne and Harrold, Claudius and  Tanja, or with Amy and at least together with Merel. Linda liked it very much.
 Together with Amy naar Goblinland. To come there you had to go through an underground corridor and  that she found stil a little bit macabre, but when she arrived in Goblinland it was enjoy.

 We have gone to museums, the last time she asked herself when we were going to a museum again.  We were with her to Gea her parents and told them of her request. They advised us to go to
 "Ellert en Brammert" and so we did. On the road Linda asked frequently: is it still far to "Brammie".
 She was fluttering from the one cabin to the other and at the play ground she stayed longer. Walked  there over a "hanging bridge" and wanted to cross it again, because that was something very  especial. At the circus she stood in front of the arena with the other children.

 Linda also enjoyd plentiful of the cicle excursion with the family, the more people the more joy.  And count on it Linda was taking good care if every body was staying close to her.
 With all folks by ferry to Schiermonnikoog for picking a close terrace at Kimm's and then altogether
 on the pedals, except Linda who was sitting rear on the bike like a little princess.
 At home Bert had his feet on the pedals of the piano and was playing all songs, who Linda knew and  she sung them cheerful and played together with him quatre-mains on her own way.

 We have enjoyments very much the time we might spend with her . After every stay party she skipped
 glad over the gallery to her mum, who was already waiting then at the open door.



 Linda was staying a lot at aunt Rely and uncle Bert. Aunt Rely has written down for us the memories to these
stay parties and are told during the ceremony by her daughter ( and Linda's nice ) Suzanne.

 At heaven radiates a new star