At heaven radiates a new star
She appears as clear, even she is yet so far
But when I close my eyes I see her face
And for a moment my saddens makes place for a comforting light.

 Linda became birth on thursday 13 february 1997 in the Martini Hospital to Groningen. She had
 beautiful dark hair and Paul had a camera taken along and has made immediately photographs of
 Linda and Irene. Immediately she became much baby visit, because everybody of the family got
 to admire her.

Her first day out was to the fun park Slagharen. She had not well conscious experienced that,
 because she was yet a few months old. But Paul must play there with his drumband and therefore
 mother and daughter gone with. There would follow still many days out.

 After her first birthday she might regular stay out. The most to aunt Rely and uncle Bert and aunt
 Jaenet and uncle Rick. When she became some older she began self often to ask: "When again may I
 for a stay"? Also the days out with her big sister Sandra and her boyfriend Patrick Linda always have
 found very amusing. By Rely and Bert the most stay time is recorded on video and we are now grateful
 that they made so much moving images of Linda.

 Also Irene came almost each day with Linda to Grandpa and Grandmother Janssen. In the beginning
 lovely lazy sitting out in the buggy, later on walking on the hand of her mother.
 As she became what older and also began to get small talks, also her personality began to form
 slowly but certainly. Linda was not fearful or on herself and with her beautiful dark eyes and warm kind
 laugh she knew to win many persons for her.
 Actually you could longer round off Linda. She was as a sunshine in everyone's house.

 With 2 ½ year Linda went to do together with Irene "Opstapje". She played with other children (such
 as with Didy and Teun), while Irene talks with the other mothers and two fathers over the children.
 Again just later went Linda in the playgroup where she met for instance Nicky and Sasja.
 Linda might play gladly with other children and she always wanted to know with what kind of toys
 they played at home.

 Also to grandpa and grandmother Linda might play gladly with her cousins and she also not forgot her
 uncles and aunts. Everybody got always her attention and as soon as the outdoor bell rang Linda was
 the first to welcome the new visitor. And eating an ice-cream was also one of the regular traditions by
 a visit at grandpa and grandmother.

 Linda had a very bad cold for a week and on tuesday 20 november Irene decided Linda to hold home
 from school. The next monday the general practitioner was consulted and friday 7 december,
 when it would not going any better the pediatrician of the Martini Hospital was consulted. His suspect
 was a heavy pneumonia and when there was pricked still also blood the diagnosis rang: leukemia.
 Immediately Linda is transported then to the A. Z. G. and taken up in the division Intensive Care.
 The new blood what her was given did her good and friday night round a quarter for twelve Linda was
 replaced from the Intensive Care to the children's section. The next day it still appeared to be good
 and she began to get some talk again.

 But at six o'clock it was going the suddenly quick reverse and immediately she was brought back to
 the Intensive Care. There is done everything to keep her alive to be able for us, but that all might have
 unfortunately no results. Despite the fact that also Linda has fought for her life, the physicians had to
 establish that she did not made it.
 On saturday 8 december round 20.15 hour Linda is passed away in age of more than four years old.
 We shall must do it with our memories.

 We wish Irene and Paul , Sandra and Patrick quite many power for carry this heavy lose.

 Dear Linda, for always you will remain alive in our memory.


 At the end of the service Uncle Rick has sketched in this story Linda's life story in a birds flight.

 Quiet saddens