Her last stay party.

 Saterday 17 november 2001 you had, what seems afterwards, your last stay time.
 At one o clock -aunt Jaenet had agreed with mum- she should pick you up at Grandpa and Grandma. 
 From there we should go together to the town center for participate the arrival of Saint Nicolas.
 Because you cough then already so very much we have decided to follow up the arrival on television.
 After the arrival you were going with us to Assen where you should stay for a night.
 At 5:30 a.m. diner was put on the fire (potatoes with spinach and a sausage, you always liked that
 very much).
 In the meantime you were showered by Jaenet, even you could not still appreciateal that.
 At 6:10 a.m. uncle Rick came home from basketball and we had a fine diner together.
 While aunt Jaenet was doing the washing-up uncle Rick has read you all the three parts of "The
 most beautiful little fish from the sea".
 When you saw the pictures you told what happened already, because in school you have had the  booklets already and part one you have at home, so you told.
 After the last booklet you said: "Now I have to go to bed?" You were also very tired..

 The following day we have gone to your mum first to pick up a warm pair of trousers (it was quite cold  and we would go walking with you).
 Because you had such a cold and cough so much we have decide to go to your girlfriend Amber, who  lives in Ten Boer.
 Together with uncle Henk en aunt Jolandawe we were going later on to the seal creche in Pieterburen.
 There you have looked after the sick little seals and played with Amber in the great sandbox.
 Ultimately we still have bought you and Amber a necklace with a little seal on it.
 "It must be quite the same", you said, "Because nevertheless we are each orthers girlfriend?
 Afterwards still we are gone to the grandpa and grandma of Amber, who you always called Grandpa  Side-whiskers.
 Here you have played fine for a while.
 Afterward we are gone to the Mac Donalds for your Happy Meal who we had promised you and we
 have eat it at grandpa and grandma Janssen.
 At 6:30 a.m. uncle Rick and aunt Jaenet brought you home again, where you showed your beautiful  necklace and constantly told over the many stories of this stay-weekend.


 Never more