The parting

I still see you mum, whit her corpulent belly, asking me all the time, how are you yet coming out there?You were a wonderchild, not only you was born from your small mother, you became a girl - and that was okay. A wonderchild too, because you growed up into a beautiful little sunshine, sparkling of live, full emotions and love for other people. With your wise, moving pronunciations and your big innocent brown eyes you knew to enchant everybody.

You were born in an extraordinary family, I wrote it to you already a few months ago. And were an inextricable part of it, because in our second home, the house of our parents and grandparents, you was always there. Whitin our family there are a number of persons with which you had a very special band, on whose faces you magic worked an extra smile.Rely and Bert were a kind of second parents for you, perhaps a kind of grandpa and grandma, it does not matter. You stayed often with them and they introduced you to whole other things in live. You were cycling with them in Drenthe, walking, and looked out your eyes in childrens museums. From confidential source, Linda, I know you have given Rely and Bert very, very much. You have enrich their live unbelievable.

At Rick's and Jaenet's place you were many often, It is logic, Jaenet and your mum are friens for centuries, understandable you became also her and Rick's little friend. A few days ago I still have seen beautiful pictures of you, Amber, Rick and Jaenet at the little seals in Pieterburen, I could see you have had there an immense day.
And then (your band with) Rex.At the top of the stairs in the corridor you regularly called downstairs: "Rex, I want to be with you!" I remember a day at grandpa's and grandma's house. Rex and Ronny would go to town together, they already had their coates on. They knew, you could arrived in a moment at grandpa and grandma, and wanted to wait realy for you and mammy. On a certain moment Ronnie jogs Rex nevertheless: "Rex, we must go now for sure, soon the shops are closing." Grumble, it had to go on. And there were going out two grownup men, very out of mood.

You were every day at Grandpa. The rest of us (grandchildren) say: "we are going to grandma Janssen", but you always said: "I go to Grandpa", and thas was not for no reason, you and grandpa had a special band. He is also my grandpa but that you would not believe, we practically became even a dispute, because when I said: "But Linda, he is also my grandpa, you became very mad and shout, practically howling: "No, he is my grandpa!" And I did not argue any more. Because it was your grandpa, your mammy and your Bert is shows to us how powerfull you could love people. And that was working in two directions, we all have loved you very deep.

Saturday I was talking you the last time, and Linda, I am so glad I have sit at you for a while, even you were in a spider mood:

"My little girl, are you laying in the hospital normally?" - "No no, not normal, I am surely ill!"
"How do you feel." - "Good!"
"Look Linda, you have gotten a beautiful card from Roy, Lex, Thijs and Yvonne" (and I picked up the card from rhe windowsill) - "Don't touch it!"
"Don't you have any pain?" - "No no".
"What wil you became for profession later on?" - "Nurse".
"Will you nursing me when I become sick?" - "No, I don't think so."
"Are you not afraid?" - "No, you are with me yet?"

And then you said you saw a face, in the balloon of Whinni the Pooh, at the end of your bed.
"Is it not you?" , I asked. "No," Linda said, :I surely don't have such a colour of hair!"

"Linda puts heaven upside down", Guus said and I directly knew what hij was meaning. In my toughts I see Linda running away and coming back, laughing, enjoying of all the beautiful there is, in her coloured coat with cowl. And from time to time she looks down and points with her finger very decided: "Look, There is my mammy, my daddy, my sister, my grandpa and my Bert and Rely!"

Goodbye dear little cousin, beautiful little girl, sunshine, little star, it has been a privilage to have knowing you. We will meet again for sure, will you keep free a lot of chairs for us?