Dear Linda

Long time before we could believe
Long time before hope began to extinguish
Long time before we realize
Long time that we creaed the illusion of your life

And now, now I hear the children sing for candy
I realize me all those things
That I yet had to want experience together with you
Experiences that I had want to give to you.

And not only Saint Maarten hurts me
But also the entry of Saint Nicolas is no longer fine
The tension of this time can no longer cups me now
Because that tension also would have belong to you

The day of his birth is now inextricably connected
At the day that we stood at you sickbed
Wishing and hoping
On a Linda walking enthousiastic next to mom.

So now, with all the festive days
I cannot ask it more longer of myself
To denay your absence for myself
And I must to be get used for it really but once

At the fact that you are passed away
now almost a year ago
And in spite the fact I will never forget you
Is the pain of you lose yet almost not worn out

I love you

Your big sister

17 november 2002 



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