J E N N Y  A L I N D A  O U W I N G A
* 13 februari 1997

8 december 2001

 Welcome on this site in memory of our daughter Linda.

 Further on this page, you will find her life story.

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 I Light This Candle

I light this candle in memory of you,
My life, my child, my heart,
May it shine bright and true,
As you did from the start.

In it's flickering flame I see,
The life we shared together,
The love and wonderful memories,
That I'll carry with me forever.

I light this candle in memory of you,
I look up to the Heavens where you are,
I see the lights of Heaven shining bright too,
But your candle shines brighter than the brightest star.

My child you are still so much a part of me,
Even though you are no longer here,
You live on in my heart where you will always be,
No matter what, I will always keep you there.

On this special night I light this candle for you,
And I hope every one who sees it will know,
How very special you are, how much you are loved and missed too,
And will remember you with me when they see it's golden glow.........

Judi Walker
In memory of her son Shane & all the other children who have left this earth
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Her first years.

Playgroup and "Opstapje".

 The elementary school.

 Linda's sickbed.

 To the hospital.

 Linda at the Academic hospital.

 And then .... total silence.

 The following days.

 Linda's final farewell.

 The time after Linda's funeral.

 A half year past.

 Linda's 6th birthday.

 Almost one and a half year later.

 Dear Linda..... (yesterday it was your birthday).

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