Her first years.

Linda was born on Thursday 13-02-1997 in Groningen. An ordinary baby of 2980 grams and 48 centimeter length. Her birth was through induced labour, but this was because of me, not her. She was born by natural way. Fortunately Caesarian section was not necessary although that's what the gynaecologist had expected.

Linda's first year of life was trouble-free. She slept well and I breast-fed her until the end of 1997, beginning of 1998.
Meanwhile she got her first teeth so it was time to stop the breastfeeding. From then on she had whatever we had, mashed. Furthermore of course she ate bread without crusts. Back then we called her "little blackbird" because she quickly opened
her mouth for the next bite.

Shortly after her first birthday (when she was about one and a half years old) she suffered terrible eczema almost all over her body. The doctor gave her several ointments. With them she had to be rubbed every morning and every evening. Furthermore she was given a special medicinal bathing-oil. But Linda didn't like "bath" so much. Therefor we let her blow bubbles while taking a bath. There was a time even that she did like it very much and never wanted to get out, even if the water was getting cold. But slowly it started to work. During the years the eczema decreased. At first she had checkups with a dermatologist, later on just with the family-doctor.



 Playgroup and "Opstapje".