Playgroup and Opstapje

Linda was a cheerful, helpful little girl. She always came along shopping and also liked to help with household jobs.
She liked to help grandfather clear up and do the dishes. By the age of two we joined Opstapje, a multi-cultural project for parent and child. Here Linda was playfully prepared for playgroup and later on the first group of elementary school.

During the "Opstapje" project she met her first male and female friend who she also joined at elementary school. During her playgroup period she still suffered eczema, some times more than other times. Fortunately it didn't change her almost always happy nature.

She went to playgroup until her fourth birthday, which was a bit confusing for her. February 12 she said goodbye at the playgroup, February 13 we celebrated her fourth birthday and February 14 she started at elementary school. That morning she asked me: "Where am I going now, mummy?" That week may have been just a bit too much for her.

 The elementary school.