The elementary school.

Thursday before Linda's fourth birthday (the 8th of February 2001) she was allowed at school for an afternoon to see if she liked it. She was very lucky because the school photographer also came that afternoon. So Linda went to school in her beautiful blue jumper and white shirt.

On elementary school she met her old friends Teun and Didi from "Opstapje". She joined them enthusiastically. Linda was very comfortable in group 1. On the whole she was cheerful and helpful. Children came to her home to play with her and in return she visited them. She was always very curious to find out what kind of toys they had.

What nice events were there during Linda's short elementary school period?

- The school trip to the playground and children's farm at Nienoord in Leek in the big bus.
- Her first outdoor sports day.
The day before this we still had to buy outdoor gyms. We found a couple of Pokemon's with Velcro fastening. Proudly and full of enthusiasm she played the games on the soccer field. Scooter- and hippityhop races. In between they were offered something to drink and an ice cream. Linda loved ice cream.
- Birthday parties..
She was invited to several birthday parties and if we let her decide we left her there.
- Sponsor race.
School organized a sponsor race for UNICEF. Linda tried her best to find as many sponsors as she possibly could to (as she said herself) help children who couldn't go to school. This led to a whole list of sponsors and for UNICEF 198 guilders on Linda's behalf. Naturally she was very proud of this and so were we as her parents and other relatives. After the race they were allowed to keep the t-shirt they wore from school. This announcement caused a lot of shouts of joy.
- Playing.
Linda loved going over to children's homes to play and in return invite them. She enjoyed these afternoons very much.

 Linda's sickbed.