Linda's sickbed.

When did Linda become ill? November 17 2001 Linda was invited to stay with Uncle Rick and auntie Jaenet. She was coughing a little so we bought her some cough mixture. Linda had a nice weekend. They visited the Zeehondencrèche in Pieterburen where Linda very much enjoyed the seals. She said she wanted to take a seal home with her, keep it in the aquarium, seemed nice for the fish too. At Sunday (November 18th) she was taken home again. She still had a bad cough.

Monday I suggested carefully not to go to school. But Linda wouldn't hear of it. She didn't want to stay home and went to school both in the morning and in the afternoon. Miss Bertien told me during lunch hour that she had been very tearful that morning but nevertheless she also went the afternoon.

The next morning I suggested again that she should stay home and this time she only resisted for a short while. The reason she had wanted to go to school was that she would have stayed over for the first time that day. Of course this is a big adventure for every child. The fact that she wasn't feeling well was shown because she said: "Then I'll stay over another Tuesday, okay, mummy?" So we left it to that.

From that Tuesday on (November 20th 2001) Linda hasn't attended school anymore. We thought she had a bad flu. Other children from school were down with flu so we weren't surprised that Linda should have it too. She was lying on the couch a lot, very tired with no appetite. Despite the cough mixture she was coughing a lot. Especially at night. Very often she wanted to drink some water hoping it would stop the coughing.

Two weeks later she still wasn't much better, so we took her to the doctor Monday December 3rd. During the past weeks she had kept making jokes although she wasn't feeling well. The doctor listened to her lungs but didn't hear anything strange. He told us her lungs were "clean". He prescribed a different cough mixture and told us to see how she would be the next week. That week she hardly had any appetite at all. She didn't like the taste of any food anymore and only had water or ice tea. She only had a few bites every meal.

The evening of the 6th of December things really went wrong quickly. Although she was toilet trained day and night she started wetting her bed again. We were up all night with her. Until about two in the morning Paul (my husband), until he woke me because he needed help. Between two and four a.m. Linda was very ill. She was in fact so bad that we considered to call the doctor. But then all of a sudden Linda seemed better. She finally fell asleep while I sat next to her bed and Paul could take a nap.

The next morning (Friday December 7th) I called the doctor around nine a.m. First he wanted us to come with Linda but Paul persuaded him to come over to our house.

 To the hospital.