To the hospital.

The doctor was shocked about the condition he found Linda in. He examined her while her eyes kept turning away. She resembled a soft doll. The doctor directly consulted the paediatrician of the Martini Hospital and told us to take Linda to the hospital as quick as we could (which in this case was by our own car).

In hospital everything went at a terrific pace. They put Linda at a drip because she became dehydrated and they took some of her blood for research. They also took a picture of her lung. It didn't look good. After a little while she got new blood from a second drip. There where a lot of people to help her. Between all these people I discovered a familiar face. It was Tom's mother, one of Linda's classmates.

While they were helping Linda we were asked to come to another room. This was where the paediatrician told us that our daughter had a pneumonia and probably leukaemia. Of course we were shocked. The only highlight that we had later on was that we were told that leukaemia often heals with kids, although it was for sure that Linda would have to go a painful and very long way.

When we came back to Linda she was a bit revived and she was ready for transportation to the Academical hospital, also here in Groningen, because the Martini hospital was not specialized enough to treat a child with leukaemia so she could better be treated at the Academic hospital. We told her that we would see her over there as quick as possible. I couldn't go with the ambulance because it was full with two doctors and two nurses. She said: "See you soon" and we waved each other goodbye while they took her into the ambulance.

 Linda at the Academic hospital.