Linda at the Academic hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital (we had asked my brother Rex to inform the rest of the family by e-mail and we picked up her favorite cuddly toy and some other stuff from home) Linda was looking a lot better. This was the work of a second blood transfusion she had had. She asked when we (including her) were going home. When I told her she was going to stay over that night (I took her suitcase with me) she said that she didn't want to stay. We explained to her that they could treat her very well over here and that they couldn't do that when we took her home. She seemed to accept this.

First Linda had a room for herself at the Intensive Care of the children's department. She drank a lot more than she did at home. When we went home we put on Linda's music ( a little music box in a half moon shape with tree little books to read) as a sign for her that it was time to go to sleep. She was quite tired. Except us there were also her older sister Sandra and Sandra's boyfriend Patrick at the hospital. Linda's aunt Rely and her cousin Suzanne had visited her at the end of the afternoon. We told Linda that we would come back the next day by noon.

That evening, around 11.45 pm, we received a telephone call from the hospital that Linda could leave the IC. She was already transported to the "regular" children's department, one floor down. The phone didn't stop ringing that evening. A lot of family members had called to ask what was going on with Linda and how she was doing now. Long after midnight we went to bed, very tired, after being awake and worrying about Linda for almost 36 hours, and without any rest.

The next day, at Saturday, we arrived at the hospital around 3 p.m. Linda had a room of her own again. After we arrived her cousin Kirsten came to visit her. Linda was talking a lot, everything looked okay, and the nurses had giving her a nickname which was: "little spider". We could see ( and hear) that she was present again. This went on the whole afternoon. When we were given a tour around the children's department Kirsten stayed with Linda, like older cousins do. When she asked Linda if she wasn't afraid Linda answered: "No, because you are with me."

When Kirsten went home Sandra and Patrick came by for a visited. I went to the family room for a while and they went with Paul to see Linda. I waited for other family members, while Esther (one of the nurses) left to eat something. Linda said that she had to stay with her, but that wasn't possible of course. At some point Linda was asking for the doctor but he would visit her later that evening.

 And then …. total silence.