The following days.

Sunday December 9th …. … Although it was a Sunday already many things had to be arranged for Linda's funeral. We had to get in touch with a funeral association ( in our case this was General Interest), several members of the family and friends had to be informed of Linda's death and Linda's schoolteacher had to be called. The lady from the funeral association came the same day and also a delegation from Linda's school. Because a lot of relatives also came we arranged for Anita (from General Interest) to come back and arrange everything with us the next day. We would then have the text ready for the funeral card and the death notice.

Linda's teacher and the elementary school director of the Tamarisk (Linda's school) directly went to school to see if they had any information on how to tell the children best about Linda's death. What they at least wanted was to give all children a letter (about Linda's death) for the parents on Monday during lunch hour.

The days between Linda's death and the day of the funeral on Thursday December 13th weren't only very hectic but also very unreal. On Monday we had to arrange the death notices, also the one of the grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins. These would "hike" with our death notice. We had to discuss the contents of the funeral card. We had to find the right coffin. And also talk about the bearers. We knew one thing for sure: Linda had always been a very cheerful little girl, so we didn't want bearers in black suit, nor a black car. We choose for sober grey.

In the end of the afternoon Linda is finally taken to the funeral parlour at the Boerhavelaan and we can turn the room she's lying in into her room with her favourite cuddly toys, music boxes and other stuff that Linda liked to surround herself with. The feeling comes up that it comes close now, that our little girl really doesn't come back to us anymore. Tuesday we come back with several ill members of the family and a few children. In the evening, we as her nearest members of the family (Paul, Sandra, Patrick and I), have taken parting of her in all peace and quite as good as we could. We knew that we wouldn't be alone with Linda anymore on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday afternoon was also very busy. In the afternoon Kevin and Amy came to say goodbye to their cousin, shortly after that other members of the family and in the evening the official visit of condolence. Many people came to say goodbye. Family, friends, acquaintances, people from elementary school amongst whom many parents and even some class-mates of Linda. Of course we were very "happy" with so much interest but it was also very tiring.

 Linda's final farewell.