Linda's final farewell.

On Thursday December 13th 2001 we have had to say goodbye to our little girl forever. The day that we have had to take her to her little place at the Selwerderhof.

The memorial service preceding the walk to the children's court, everyone experienced full of emotion but also very beautiful. The whole service was taken care of by relatives. While we entered the packed auditorium (there wasn't even room for everyone) music of Vicky Brown was playing, followed by a poem, written and recited by my brother Roy. Then a song of Kabouter Plop (actually of Kabouter Smal) one of Linda's favourite numbers. Then (cousin) Suzanne read aloud a story about the pyjama parties at aunt Rely's and uncle Bert's. After this came the song "Van Afrika tot aan Amerika" by the girl group K3, again music that Linda very much loved.

Rick then told Linda's course of life about Opstapje, playgroup, friends at elementary school, sponsor run for UNICEF for which Linda had gathered 198 guilders for the "children who could not attend school". Then again music. This time Samson and Gert with "Life is beautiful". Finally, standing next to the little open coffin I read aloud a story from one of the booklets from "The little man on the moon" that are in her music box. After this Paul closed the meeting.

While Linda's music box was playing the visitors left the auditorium and the relatives said goodbye to their sweet grandchild/
cousin/niece one last time. The meeting had been very special, the beautiful service had reflected exactly who and what Linda had been in her short life. The service had been like we had wanted it to be and had given us, despite the sadness, a good feeling.

After that we have, all together, escorted Linda to her place at the children's court. There her nieces and nephews have blown bubbles, something Linda also liked to do very much.

Back in the coffee room we accepted the condolences and after a cup of coffee took leave of all the persons interested. Then with part of my family we went to my parent's house.

 The time after Linda's funeral.