Linda's 6th birthday.
(Thursday February 13th 2003)

Today we celebrated Linda's 6th birthday. We imagine that she has a nice holiday in Heaven with all the children who are there. We were with her at the children's court and we decorated our little girl's grave a bit. We bought nice little balloons also on behalf of grandma and grandpa.

Aunt Rany brought a little plant for her this morning. She couldn't visit Linda herself , therefore we took it with us. Sandra and Patrick also decorated her grave with little balloons. Furthermore we noticed at Selwerderhof that several members of the family had not forgotten our little girl on her birthday. We could tell from all the cuddly toys that were placed there. It felt so good to see this.

At night we had company of Sandra, Patrick, aunt Romy, aunt Rina and aunt Jaenet. It is so nice that at this day we (as parents, sister and son in law) are not forgotten by our family and other people around us. Several people sent us something to let us know they were thinking of us. Our child's birth day is as difficult (maybe even more difficult) as her dying day and the day of her funeral. Automatically her birthday brings to life several events that occurred around her death.

 Almost one and a half year later.