Almost one and a half year later.

Now it is almost one and a half year after our daughter Linda is passed away. The whole day remains she in my thoughts, by everything I do.Currently I am also at work again. On my work spot, I am also in the right place with stories over Linda and when I feel me a day tremendous. Here I am quite cheerfully with. I have read and/of heard once in a while other stories.
By many things I think automatic of our child. When I walk outside, with wind against, for instance. Linda than said: "Go away wind, I want to grandpa." Had we sturdy the wind in the back than became there of her site: "Mommy, mommy, the wind brings us to grandpa." Never she had it over 'go to grandpa and grandmother '. Grandmother heard normally with grandpa and she was not necessary separate be named.

Each Sunday we go to the children's court on the semetary Selwerderhof. It feels good to us to see /to hear that others also bring or have brought her a visit on the children's court. Regular we take little stuff with, of which we know that Linda these would have found very beautiful.
Besides in the store I still looking (unwittingly? ) at amusing little things for our girl. Besides I hear her as usual say : "That I have
not at home yet." She never asked directly or she might have something, but let know well clear that she wants to have something quite eager. Linda has learned me, not grumble too much when it is outside bad weather. I can so badly against the rain. She made me than clear, that the plants, bushes and trees needs really necessary water By thinking at this, it is less worse when I am walking through the rain.

In the RONDZENDBRIEF, this is the periodical of the "Association Parents of a Passed away Child" is spoken about 'Invisible
Parents.' With that is meant parents that stay behind alone after the death of their child or children. The outside world can not see that at them, that they are well reliable parents.
For the outside world I am (still) the mother of Linda. I am spoken to also on the street when I meet old-classmates of Linda. People still knows she is/was our child. How this will be over a number of years, I don't know naturally. I have read somewhere, that your child is just really gone, when there is spoken no longer over her or when her name is no longer named. What these concerned I have faith that Linda always shall stay with us. That she never ever really will be gone.

 Dear Linda.....