Dear Linda.....

Yesterday it was your birthday, it would have been your seventh, already. Time flies. When I see children of that age I always wonder if you would have been that big too. Daddy, mummy and Sandra had a day off yesterday. Patrick had to work in the morning. We went to see you around noon. When we arrived at Selwerderhof Suzanne, Kirsten, aunt Rany, aunt Rely, uncle Bert and Jamie had just been to see you. As agreed we let off "fireworks" for you. The "ice-fountain" wasn't a success. Therefore we took the other two home again. To light the "stars" was also a problem but fortunately, eventually daddy managed. We hope you enjoyed it.

Sandra and Patrick came too, of course. After that they came and had dinner with us. Uncle Rick and aunt Jaenet had coffee with us. It was nice and cosy although it was strange of course that you couldn't be there at your own birthday. Aunt Rina called to ask how we managed. They were thinking of you too.

Today uncle Rick, uncle Rex and aunt Rely went to see you. The deer or rabbits ate the flowers that Suzanne brought yesterday. Did you give them permission to do that? It must have been a funny sight.

What more shall I tell you? We miss you awfully much and it will always remain that way. If we're on somebody's birthday (especially with children) you are always the silent absentee. Then we definitely suffer the fact that you're not there anymore.

Forever in my mind……

I.C. Ouwinga - Janssen 


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