J E N N Y  A L I N D A  O U W I N G A
* 13 februari 1997

8 december 2001

Because of the autopsy is concluded Linda did not have had leukemia. She is passed away through a blood poisoning, activated by a lung abscess as big as a fist. This abcess is developed about 2½ week before her death and was growing very quickly..

The information below we have found on the world wide web (in Dutch), by which we have coloured red Linda's symptoms and have expect it of comment. Afterwards it seems also from this information she perhaps had have a bigger chance to get this abscess by her eczema, what she had between 2 and 4½ year old.






 Lung abscess

A lung abscess becomes causes trough infections and is found especially by people with a small resistance. When you have a lung abscess, you are in fever, must cough often and you can give up mucus and blood.
(Linda was not given up any mucus and/or blood.) With the help of a good therapy you can be treat good, but it must happen very quick.

Peaks of fever
On the skin:
A red skin *)
Feels warm

Painful tumour (beating pain)
*) In Linda's case on Thursday in the morning there were arise, when the doctor came, actual a lot of small red blood points on her skin, especially on her breast and on her back. Many often is this one of the symptoms of leukemia, together with blood marks on her skin. Those marks Linda became also that Thursday morning,
where ever you touched her (b.e. elevating her). Therefore the paediatricians thought at leukemia in the first moments. Later on in the Academic hospital this diagnosis was pull in doubt already very quickly and there would be sucked a little bit of bone marrow on the next Monday to exclude leukemia.

Whereby is activated an abscess?
Almost all bacteriums can activate an abscess. To people, who suffer at diabetes mellitus,
eczema or chronic infections, the chance to an abscess is bigger.

How is an abscess to heal?
The only right way to heal an abscess is to let it be opened. This is no problem by superficial situated abscesses, where the abscess can removed at the first aide division of the hospital.
By bigger abscesses in internal organs there is another story, because than there is a very serious syndrome. To these abscesses the elimination becomes almost in the hospital under complete narcosis.


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